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Next Matters

NextMatters, a digital disruption company based on cutting-edge health information technologies, offers custom solution development services, proprietary solutions, as well as process reengineering strategic consulting services, and project management services to establish the roadmap through the digital transformation of health organizations.


years of experience

Proprietary solutions

Among the proprietary solutions of NextMatters, NextOnco stands out, to provide a complete approach to cancer treatment; NextVisit, a telemedicine platform, and NextHomeCare for end-to-end management of the patient’s home-hospitalization.

Customized solutions

NextMatters offers the development of customized solutions through a comprehensive service, from planning to implementation, and stabilization of the product, guaranteeing the continuity of the service.

Digital transformation

Our team of expert consultants offers an analysis of the current situation of the healthcare organization and the optimization of its workflows, as well as a Change Management program to ensure the fast adoption of Digital Transformation by all users.


Mission, vision and values, the formula for our success and yours.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the partner health organizations need in their continuous technological evolution by generating value through personalized solutions that provide a greater operational efficiency for healthcare professionals, increase the quality of care offered to patients, and accelerate the digital transformation of the institution.

Our vision

To be a disruptive catalyst for a continuous technological evolution to break down the barriers to adopting new technologies through intuitive and agile solutions.

Our values


When dealing with our clients, among ourselves as colleagues and towards our partners, providing our best knowledge, and know-how in the search for excellence.


Guide our clients with maximum transparency so that they meet their objectives. The success of the project is our priority. El éxito del proyecto es nuestra prioridad.


We understand the fluctuations, and turbulences that technological transformation projects experience in a healthcare organization. For this reason, we show maximum flexibility and empathy in these situations, and offer our backing, and support by adapting ourselves to the new course of the project.


Technological transformation is a turning point in a health institution, and this change is already inevitable, continuous, and constant. We invest in our own training and participate in the most cutting-edge events held in the sector to be up to date on technological innovations that emerge at exponential speed.

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