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NextMatters offers highly specialized, and sophisticated solutions, and services. We dedicate ourselves to doing exclusively what we know how to do best, with the goal of offering the maximum guarantees of suitability of the products we develop, as well as proven results in the services we offer.

Our offering is based on the following fundamental pillars that support all the projects we perform:

Development services for personalized, and unique solutions

We create, and build your unique technology solution, from start to end, with a robust methodology of software creation cycles based on our experience. First of all, we analyze both the technological infrastructure that you have, the technological platform you have, and we perform a functional analysis of the gap that you need to cover with the new solution.

Based on this information, we prepare an exclusive solution development project for the client and for that specific need, guaranteeing the continuity of the service with Quality Plans, Test Plans and Contingency Plan.

After the full satisfaction of the client in terms of the developed product, we account for the implementation, and stabilization of the solution, therefore, this service is comprehensive until its completion, and closure after client’s approval.

Consulting services on Digital Transformation of health organizations

The transformation of organizations is based on new knowledge arising from data and its analysis. Digital technologies are accelerators of innovation, therefore, the key to the success of an organization lies in its ability to adapt to a continuously evolving digital environment.

Our team of expert consultants is backed-up by years of practical experience in international projects to transform healthcare institutions. Our consultants analyse the current situation of the organization to detect areas of improvement, and to offer a vision of its future state based on three axes: a more efficient institution in terms of operations, safer in terms of care provision, and more flexibility to quickly adapt to the new technologies that are yet to come.

The Digital Transformation consulting services perform the reengineering of the institution’s processes, optimizing its workflows, and detecting areas for improvement. Likewise, it offers a complete Change Management program to ensure that this Digital Transformation is quickly adopted, and used by all users in an agile, and confident manner.