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NextVisit is our telemedicine solution based on the interaction of the professional, and the patient through video. It sets its roots in the need of our clients to restrict the presence of medical consultations to urgent cases derived from the mobility restrictions imposed by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. NextVisit has proven to be an essential resource for health professionals, and patients to provide continuity to first consultations, follow-up consultations, as well as to report on diagnostic test results. Nexty, our chatbot created with the latest technology, interacts with the patient through an interactive dialogue based on filtered questions, and answers on the specialty of the visit. The greatest value of our telemedicine solution is a seamless integration with the electronic medical record itself, without hindering the consultation of information by the healthcare professional.

Main features

Holistic 360º view of the patient provided to healthcare professional with an overview of the patient’s demographic, and health information: home medication, allergies, risk factors, history and last diagnostic test results.


Evaluation form embedded in a single view, which shares sections of the Patient Summary, next to the image of the video call to keep the focus on the interaction with the patient.


Our chatbot, Nextby, performs a patient guided self-assessment following clinical protocols based on clinical evidence to offer the professional a situational summary of the patient before the visit begins.


Incorporation of diagnostic coding based on ICD-10 or SNOMED.


Suggested treatments depending on the diagnosis based on clinical evidence.


Agnostic technological infrastructure allowing integration with any EMR through FHIR interoperability standards.



Better user experience related to the exchange of information with your patients by guaranteeing a seamless communication, showing all the clinical data necessary for your reference in a single view.
Guarantee of patient safety in terms of treatment based on clinical evidence protocols.
Ease of implementation as it is an agnostic solution that can be integrated with any EMR through FHIR interoperability standards.
Desaturation of the waiting rooms in medical consultations by filtering the patients who can be assisted through a televisit, according to the characteristics of the visit (results report, routine follow-up consultations, etc.).

Reduction of consultation time by having all the patient’s information at a glance on a single screen, thus avoiding having to dive through different reports.