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Challenge: Elsevier, an academic publisher specializing in the dissemination of evidence-based scientific, technical and medical content, wanted to expand its market quota to hospital customers having SAP electronic medical records.

Solution: Next Matters designed and developed two connectors in SAP

Order Sets connector to facilitate the submission of proprietary client content to Elsevier’s CMS (Content Management Server) to define evidence-based order sets. When these order sets are defined in the CMS, the connector allows to import them into SAP Cuando estos conjuntos de órdenes se definen en el CMS, el conector permite su importación en SAP

Nursing Care Plans connector to integrate Elsevier’s evidence-based nursing care plans into SAP

Outcome:this integration of Elsevier’s clinical knowledge solutions with SAP EHR has enabled healthcare professionals to leverage the latest expert knowledge to deliver the most optimal evidence-based care to their patients. This way, it allows them to increase the time dedicated to patient care, since they do not waste time consulting the published information in an external source, as it is embedded in the EHR.