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Our NextOnco solution proves our commitment to add value to health organizations through a solution that responds to the existing challenges in communication, and interaction between the different professionals involved in the oncology process. This platform integrates, in a single view, all the information, and required actions the different actors must visualize, and perform in each of the phases of the cancer case based on a comprehensive sequential workflow.

NextOnco optimizes the cancer patient care process by eliminating redundant, and unnecessary steps, and actions by allowing customization of the workflow to the specific case. In addition to, and based on our commitment to involve the patient in its self-care, this platform includes a patient education module to offer accurate, and up-to-date information from the institution itself.

Main features

Traceability of the entire process of the oncological case, from the oncology consultation, with appointment protocols, to treatment follow-up.


Suggestions of different protocolized treatment options, and creation of the entire cycle structure to guarantee patient safety, and standardization of treatments at the institution level.


High level of process automation, and customization to ensure that the different phases are performed in the order specified for a specific oncological case, and to avoid visit scheduling errors.


Document agility through the automatic transfer of existing data in other sections of NextOnco.


User-friendly design that shows, in a single panel, all the relevant information of the oncological case to facilitate clinician’s actions.


Oncological case continuum by including all the different stakeholders in the process (Oncology Committee, nursing care, treatment appointments – lab, RX, med, visit, etc.-, medication administration, follow-up appointments, patient self-care, clinical trials, etc.), and in a single comprehensive workflow.


Structure of the personalized therapeutic cycle with chain-actions: possibility of modifying the entire cycle, or modifying a single cycle, or waiting cycles for later reactivation.


Automated cytostatic dose adjustment by percentage, or by manual adjustment to maximize ease of prescription at session level, treatment level, or even future cycles.


Patient Education feature with the most exhaustive, and up-to-date information about your disease to allow you to have a better understanding and make you accountable in your case.


Clinical trials defined as treatments in order to perform a controlled, and periodic follow-up of the results, potential adverse events, and reactions to treatment to act accordingly in a fast way.


Creation and definition of personalized reports based on quality indicators of the organization itself and/or from the relevant oncology societies.



Reduction of documentation time through agile forms and reports.
Increased patient safety thanks to medication alerts in dose calculation, laboratory values, max./min. dose, as well as personalized ad hoc alerts based on the cases presented.
Reduction of the global time frame of the cancer case based on better communication among all stakeholders.
Higher efficiency of the health professional by being able to attend their patients in fewer time, and with higher quality since they have all the information, they need in a single view to understand the oncological case at a single glance.
Optimization of the coordination of care provided by the oncology team.
Reduction of medication errors derived from human interaction based on guided workflows.
Standardization of treatment protocols to guarantee safety, and accurate patient care.
Add-on module plug -and- play for customers having without integration requirements.