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Challenge: m.Doc Smart Health Evolution, a company focused on the digitization of hospital life, communication with the patient and support for medical personnel, offers different independent teleconsultation and mobility platforms. It collaborated with his client AMEOS Klinikum Halberstadt for months to be able to offer patients a consultation and communication portal, so it needed to send and retrieve clinical information from patients in real time.

Solution: Next Matters was able to respond to this challenge by designing and developing a connector in SAP to enable communication, and data transfer between the m.Doc mobility solution, and the AMEOS EHR.

Outcome: After its launch, AMEOS offers its patients the m.Doc portal with perfect real-time integration with the healthcare and administrative platform, increasing the level of customer satisfaction by feeling more connected with their healthcare professionals. reference and by being able to consult information about their health (reports of diagnostic tests, assistance, etc.).