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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone at Immanuel Kliniken. The Glucotab solution developed by Decide is already working together with improving the whole EHR solution. We have golive the integration of Glucotab and using the connector developed by NextMatters.

The integration is based on standard HL7 communication and gives to the physicians and nurses a complete view of the important information to improve the patient care. Specialization and interoperability are two of the most important success factors to build a meaningful, smooth, and seamless care workflow.

The integration scope includes interchange of patient status and patient enrollment, smooth navigation from to Glucotab and interchange of pending tasks to the physicians and nurses.

In this case, is the main EHR for the Hospital and Glucotab gives the specific knowledge and algorithms to support diabetes therapies, including automated insulin dosage suggestions for basal bolus therapy of patients with type 2 diabetes and many other functionalities.